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Website development brings new life to the Superior Council of Prosecutors


The Superior Council of Prosecutors of the Republic of Moldova is an independent government institution that works within the judicial power, responsible for prosecuting criminal cases investigated by the police and other investigating bodies throughout Moldova. The Superior Council of Prosecutors is a guarantor of prosecutors’ independence and impartiality and pays particular attention to ensuring transparency in carrying out its activity in order to strengthen confidence that all undertaken measures are based on efficiency and relevance as well as strengthening society's perception of the institution as an autonomous entity.


The main objective of the requested work was to design and develop the official website of the Superior Council of Prosecutors. The website, being the only mean of communication between the citizens and the institution, had to demonstrate the transparency, the approach and the progress of the Superior Council of Prosecutors’ in every way.

Indrivo had to forge an all-in-one modern website, with a functional user interface to empower users to navigate and find useful and relevant information easily. It was necessary to provide the possibility to make changes to the structure of the website and its design items. The website had to be available in 3 languages - Romanian, Russian and English.


Indrivo created a streamlined, digital face for the Superior Council of Prosecutors, but also drew research to create a flexible design system that would adapt to the users' needs, we implemented a robust, scalable and secure platform on which the new website was built. Drupal 8 was chosen for our client's website. The structure of the website was divided into a public area and an area with restricted access, only for the internal network of the Superior Council of Prosecutors. The customer was provided with access to the site administration panel (Drupal CMS) and to the web hosting control panel (cPanel). The structure was developed using multiple content types and taxonomies for grouping and categorizing the content. The improved multilingual administrative dashboard provides a better editing experience. The final stage of the Superior Council of Prosecutors’ website development process included elements such as quality assurance and usability testing. Training courses were held for the key content contributors, ongoing maintenance and support was provided. With streamlined navigation, mobile-friendly sitemap, a simplified structure for the content and a system for publishing new content and updates, the Superior Council of Prosecutors achieved a user-friendly structure.

Results & Benefits

The customer received a high performing website built on scalable technology, Drupal 8. The designed website of our client is easy-to-navigate, more visually appealing, has a clean and intuitive information architecture, offers enhanced visitor experience and renders optimum viewing experience across devices. The website enables users to find information regarding constitutional law, corruption, human trafficking, criminality and other useful information.

  • Powerful and versatile Drupal 8 framework for better website navigation.
  • Improved user experience by creating a mobile-friendly sitemap and providing usability testing.
  • The new Drupal-based website allows content editors to add or update pages, documents and media in a simple way. Multilingual content offers the institution flexibility and scalability for the future.


Drupal 8
PHP 7.2

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