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Comprehensive engagement model for all your custom software needs: short- and long-term development, maintenance and support.

Get an effective outsourcing experience with a robust engagement model

Every business must go digital these days and it’s no wonder that Information Technology is the area that businesses most commonly outsource. Outsourcing helps to reduce and control expenses, reduce time to market and accelerate company transformation. However, when you decide to outsource software development, selecting the best engagement model proves to be a difficult task.

Indrivo works with three types of engagement models depending on the needs, resources and timeframes of your project: Dedicated Team, Fixed-Price (Project-Based) and Time & Material

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Dedicated Team

By selecting the dedicated team model, several Indrivo developers will work exclusively on your project, you will have full management control over the project and the team, the cost of the project will be based on hourly rates.

Fixed-Price (Project-Based)

This model is perfect for small and medium-sized projects, requirements, specifications and schedules are clearly defined before the start of the project, the development process strictly follows the time and cost estimates.

Time & Material

This model is used when the resources and time can’t be estimated upfront. The project is built first, and only after completion and full acceptance of the project, the customer pays only for the time and resources spent.

Dedicated Team Model

When to choose:

Complex projects
Long-term collaboration
Intention to take control
Business expansion plans

The Dedicated Team model is an agreement in which we provide a team of software developers to you, on a long- term basis. We find and assess the specialists that will be able to complete the assigned project and fully meet the requirements. The specialists are chosen based on their experience, expertise, languages and technical skills. We assemble a software development team that will work directly with you, thus achieving the highest level of productivity possible. The team can be managed by you directly or by a project manager that we can assign. The dedicated team is aligned with your internal team thus increasing the technical capacity, working in symbiosis to develop project-specific solutions. 

At the end of our cooperation, you receive the ready-to-go product, including technical specifications, design, mock-ups and associated intellectual property rights. 

dedicated team


Dedicated team model has a very simple and transparent pricing system of monthly payments that depend on the team size in any given month. 

We offer 2 options: 

  • The payment is composed of team salaries + our fee that includes administrative overhead, revenue, etc.
  • The payment is based on the employees’ hour/day rate, which already includes all the taxes, administrative costs and revenue for our company

Fixed-Price (Project-Based) Model

When to choose:

Clear deadlines
Detailed specifications
Short project duration
No changes planned

The Fixed Price agreement is based on a fixed estimate of work, cost and time, giving you maximum security in relation to your budget and planning. After your needs are clearly specified in sufficient detail, we analyze the project scope and its complexity, identify the team members who will be best for the project, provide the project delivery schedule and estimate the price for the complete product development for your approval. With well-defined requirements and established project management methodologies, this engagement model is a low risk for you and doesn’t require your close supervision. Indrivo ensures quality delivery of the final product within a pre-scheduled time-frame, and you pay a mutually agreed fixed price for the project implementation. Any other arising changes (new product features, add-ons, or services that haven’t been specified before) would lead to a change in both the price and the schedule. In this case, additional contractual agreements are signed. So, it is very important to discuss every detail and make an estimate of the project cost as accurately as possible at the beginning. 

Fixed-Price Model

Time & Material Team Model

When to choose:

Innovative idea
Workflow can change
Raw project concept
Intention to take control

The Time & Material model is recommended if there is not enough vision of the final product, or for progressive projects that are predicted to scale up and expand. The great benefit of this model is flexibility and customization, you can make changes to the requirements while only paying for the time the development team actually spends working on your project. Under this agreement, Indrivo provides its qualified resources, and the development effort is billed at the end of each month based on the agreed hourly rate, the total cost of the project is determined by the amount of time and resources involved in your project. The size of the team can be changed at any time, thus optimizing the cost and duration of the project. Speaking of management, you will be involved in iterations and take part in the whole process constantly. The flexibility of this model allows the team to use Agile practices such as Scrum or Kanban. We prefer to work in short sprints so we can deliver frequently. This will allow you to stop development, if ever necessary, and still, end up with a usable solution. 

Time & Material Team Model

We strongly believe that a good engagement model is all about the right mix of operational efficiency and relevant costs associated with processes and systems, for providing full control and a high level of transparency to our customers.

Although the team’s composition may differ depending on the project, these are the most popular categories of our engagement models capabilities:  

  • Back-end Developers  
  • Front-end Developers  
  • Full-stack Developers  
  • Product Owners 
  • Solution Architects 
  • Business Analysts 
  • UI & UX Designers 
  • Scrum Masters 
  • QA Engineers 
  • DevOps 

Our team can help you choose the pricing model that best suits your project characteristics. We will make sure that the chosen model is the most ideal for your business needs. Our main goal is to provide frameworks for sharing roles, responsibilities, and know-how to deliver collaborative solutions across a variety of industries and technological landscapes. We focus on providing suitable engagement models to support the growth of your business. 

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