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A Smart Home mobile app to monitor and control the ventilation system from anywhere


Our customer, founded in 1909 as a family business is now an internationally renowned and rapidly growing trendsetter and innovator in ventilation, solar control and outdoor concepts. The company develops and manufactures innovative and sustainable solutions and concepts, in which comfort, energy efficiency, acoustics and aesthetics blend seamlessly together and improves the working and living conditions of people.

With over 1.000 employees worldwide and production plants in Belgium, UK, Italy and the US, the company is intensifying its ambition to expand from a local European business to a global player.


As part of their ongoing mission to maximize the quality of life indoors and achieve a healthy living climate, our customer wanted to create a smart application that will help run a home’s ventilation system. The application had to be personalized so that the device could be easily adapted to the end user’s needs. The challenge was to create an app that connects all the hardware and software components so that data could be easily exchanged between the application and the device itself.


Technical realization of the app was a miniature version of our customer’s already existing and new-generation healthy ventilation product. The product is the next level in smart ventilation, a demand-controlled device ready to be used in all “smart homes” and it communicates with the installer and the resident through an integrated app.

To create the app, Indrivo used Xamarin with about 90 percent of the shared code. We provided end-to-end mobile app development designed to deliver high performance in controlling the air quality manually or switch it to automatic mode.

Results & Benefits

The smart app has the role to ensure that the air quality is always under control, in the most energy-efficient way, it interconnects the data and adjusts the operation to the user defined parameters. Because the app will also control the fans to run only when needed, less power will be consumed, and the device will have a longer service life. It continuously monitors the air, its pollution level and quality and it also offers the possibility to view the detailed data for the last 24 hours or the last 7 days.



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