Our Story

Indrivo is your partner for technology consulting and custom software development projects. We offer high-quality customized web solutions as well as individual software and mobile app development. We serve numerous Government organizations, public institutions and private international customers.

The Company

Soft Tehnica

Back in 2004 Soft Tehnica was founded as a 100% Romanian investment start-up company. The company has evolved into one of the most dynamic companies on the Romanian market today providing HORECA, Business Management and Public Administration software products and solutions for its customers.


In 2012, the company has established a development center in Chisinau, Moldova to provide web development and software engineering services. Since then, the company has achieved exponential growth in terms of business, industry insights and employee relations. With delivery centers in Chisinau, Moldova and Bucharest, Romania, the company has implemented complex and hybrid projects for small and mid-sized companies, as well as larger international enterprises, Government & public institutions.


An integral part of our story is our purpose. Always looking to transform and innovate in our digital age, we realized we must change how we work inside in order to diversify our services and bring even more value to our customers. In order to serve our customers even better we first must re-imagine our own business and adopt a digital mindset ourselves to more efficiently and effectively utilize the available people, tools, and technology to design better, to integrate and implement automated processes that can operate seamlessly. 

Soft Tehnica Romania

The decision to pivot away from Soft Tehnica Romania was made to have the operational flexibility to focus more on developing customized software solutions and become a customer-centric company. As a result, Indrivo was born and the name itself is a fusion between two words: Innovation and Drive. It articulates the company’s drive to be at the forefront of digital innovation and it expresses our commitment to deliver well designed, custom IT solutions with an operational excellence in mind.

Our Difference

Excellent organisations consistently outperform in delivering results

Customer satisfaction

A big challenge the technology industry is facing is the high failure rate of projects and more, lots of companies don't get to understand the real needs of their customer. This is due to numerous reasons such as bad project management or low quality code. The projects usually do not meet all of the three criteria of success: being on time, within budget and have a high customer satisfaction.

Reliable solutions

We are focused on providing our customers with reliable solutions at competitive prices, delivered with minimal complexity with an added focus on operational excellence and high quality. We combine detailed customer knowledge with operational flexibility to respond quickly to almost any need, from customizing a solution to fulfilling special requests. We help our customers to simplify the process of digital transformation and implement new technology tools in their daily routine.


The solutions we develop are economical, efficient, flexible and allow the organizations to respond rapidly to both market and their customers’ needs. We make the complex simple, then we make it work.

Our Culture

Your business counts. Our people matter.

Having a strong, value-driven leadership, Indrivo has been recognized for consistently delivering excellence, turning customer challenges into assets, being adaptive and responsive, minimizing complexity and most importantly, valuing the journey of its people.

Only the highest standards are good enough

The highest quality, reliability and adaptability: these are what you would expect from an ideal business partner and an employer. We want to be that partner for our customers and for our people.



To improve the wellbeing of people by designing and building human-centered technology as an integrated part of life.

We set out to create different types of solutions and bring out valuable new uses of data and technology designed to help people. We envision intelligent and virtuous systems that will be based on interactive computing and aimed at people, not only businesses. 



Our people, our customers and our technology are at the core of what we do and we live by these values: 



  • To infuse our expertise in all touchpoints of an organization and create digital ecosystems that empower people.
  • To help organizations converge environments and implement the best strategies that regenerate their systems to deliver life-time value and create momentum for continuous innovation. 
  • To enhance end-to-end digital customer journeys and deliver the best customer experience at optimal cost.

Forge partnerships:

  • We are aligned around our customer’s needs and our priorities are set around solving them;
  • We tear down silos and cultivate symbiosis, consensus and mutuality;

Deliver the best:

  • We dive deep and work to the highest standards;
  • We strive to exceed expectations and excel at execution;
  • We don’t just accomplish tasks, we focus on inputs and value;

Drive Change:

  • We challenge the status quo and find better ways to transform and innovate;
  • We are resourceful and create new ways to accomplish more with less.

Pursue growth by learning:

  • We learn from the ones before us and teach the ones after us.
  • We use resiliency as framework for progress and bounce back from adversity.

Uphold simplicity, minimize complexity: 

  • We resist the bells and whistles and keep things simple: that allows for faster innovation;

Value the journey:

  • We strive to be useful, committed and authentic to our purpose.
  • We contribute to the well being of our company and are compelled to make the world a little better where greatness is normal.

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