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Simple, fast and efficient: a system for more than 600,000 e-vignette registrations per year


The State Road Administration is founded by the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure of Moldova for the purpose of managing, maintaining, repairing, modernizing, developing and operating public roads. The vignette, currently used in several other European countries as well, is a form of road charge imposed on vehicles travelling to Moldova, but not registered in Moldova. The vignette is obligatory and its payment is confirmed by a certificate valid for a certain period of time.


Our customer wanted to modernize the vignette system and develop an electronic service that allows applicants to register and pay the vignette online. Thus, drivers with cars registered abroad who want to enter the territory of Moldova can request and purchase the vignette by accessing an online platform. After completing the easy registration, applicants would be able to pay the vignette online and the registration and payments confirmation would be sent later to the applicant's e-mail. The State Automated Information System (SAIS E-vignette) aimed to streamline the process of administration, procurement and control of the vignette. It also had to make a connection between the service programs (ASD, MAIB, MAI, Border Police, E-gov and Customs Service), so that the taxpayers and foreign citizens can benefit from a modern and high-quality service.


Our team developed the system to support the functional requirements of both internal and external users and provide all process-related officers and departments with real-time relevant information.

Some of the main functionalities developed:

  • Access to all the information of the electronic file of the tax object (visualization, printing, export), also it allows for manual data synchronization and consolidation of results;
  • Import data through standardized files, including configurable import templates that allow users configuration without the need of the developers' intervention;
  • A dashboard where the user is alerted and is able to quickly view and access all the events related to his interaction with the system;
  • Reports generation and search functionality;
  • Electronic payment without the system authentication;
  • Functionality that allows the approval or rejection of electronic forms;
  • Access to the information regarding the existence and validity of all purchased vignettes;
  • Functionalities intended for the System Administrator to manage the profiles and roles of the authorized users (internal and external);
  • Metadata functionalities intended for the Administrator to manage all the nomenclatures, classifiers and configurations;
  • Internal messaging and Email notification functionality.

Results & Benefits

The customer received a complete solution: a simple, versatile and effective way to manage road user charges for vehicles. Vehicle owners only need internet connection to access the system and pay the fees online. This system relieves them of the difficulty of physically coming to the transport office, while the road and transport officials are able to log on the portal to check payment details, view, generate or print various reports.

The e-Vignette is the modern alternative to paper version, avoiding the need to carry any proof during a journey. The evidence of payment is stored as a secure, digitally encoded entry in a central database. The e-Vignette is readily available and fraud-proof, offering less hassle for drivers and real-time enforcement for toll road administrators. The system processes more than 600,000 requests per year.


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