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Integrated Intranet solution for a drinking water supplier from Luxembourg


Syndicat des Eaux du Sud (SES) is a supplier of drinking water for Luxembourg’s south region. In 1908, SES was the first union of municipalities to be formed. SES aims to provide drinking water to 23 communes which are members of the syndicate, it also supplies some industrial and non-union areas, distributing water from the local water tanks. The total length of the SES network is 213 km. The distribution pipes have a total length of 184 km, the lines of adduction a length of 29 km.


One of the best ways to ensure intranet success is by setting clear expectations of what the intranet will help you achieve. An Intranet solution is one of the organizational functions that help companies stay productive.

Our client was using outdated methods in order to stock and share information or documents, the information was not easily accessible or searchable by employees. A system that would transform internal processes, document sharing and boost organizational productivity was needed. Besides, they needed a centralized solution able to be integrated with other internal systems, providing the possibility to create and download reports. The Intranet had to have a fluid and adaptive design for desktops, tablets and smartphones.


Indrivo responded to its client's needs by developing and providing an attractive, easy-to-use platform which generates standardized or customized PDF reports or presents them as a separate web-page consisting of many statistical parts, that are entered in the database during the whole year.

The new database was designed in Drupal 8, which has been scaled up to be capable of handling a big amount of data and reports.

The system also contains an organigram with information about Syndicate’s staff.

  • Creation of the authentication module for internal users of the system;
  • Development of the functionalities for introducing different types of information that will later be used to generate annual reports;
  • Configuration of the modules for creating and generating reports in different formats, including PDF.
  • Ability to add new functionalities in the future without changing the overall architecture of the platform.

Results & Benefits

Indrivo offered a solution which facilitates the collaboration between colleagues, regardless of their location and provides anywhere, anytime access to information and data. The project has resulted in a simple to use, personalized, modern intranet which is aimed to centralize data and reports. The new intranet has boosted staff collaboration, remote and office-based staff can complete documents at the same time.


Drupal 8

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