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Extended functionality of the Integrated Case Management System of the Justice Ministry


The Integrated Case Management System (ICMS) is a multifunctional system used in all Judicial Courts in Moldova. The system was designed to improve the courts’ efficiency, transparency, and public access through automation and tracking of a case life cycle from initial filing to disposition and appeal. It facilitates efficient and reliable collection, organization, distribution, and retrieval of significant amounts of case-specific data.


The Ministry of Justice was looking to extend the functionality of its ICMS by building and integrating a secure E-Filing system to provide an efficient, cost-effective and reliable platform for submitting and processing court documents electronically. This system is part of Government for Government (G4G) and Government for Citizens (G4C) programs and it interconnects with several existing e-governance solutions in Moldova.


Our team has chosen Drupal to build the E-Filing system due to its reliability, flexibility, ease of customization, scalability and security. The Web-based system accepts electronic documents via Web portals and securely distributes these documents to the appropriate court where they can be accepted into the case management system. It allows to automatically register all users’ actions, gather detailed data, and register all requests related to the case management process. It also allows for real-time tracking.

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Results & Benefits

The system proved convenient for many involved parties: the Ministry of Justice, prosecutors, judges, lawyers and, most importantly, the citizens of Moldova. It enabled them to interact with courts more efficiently (without travelling in-person to the court’s office and waiting in lines), saved costs and eliminated paper.


Instant access to file filings;


Petition filing with the attachment of all corresponding materials;


Payment of the state tax by the lawyer through the Mpay platform, with the automatic attachment of the payment confirmation;


Notifications for court-related events (summons, adjournment, etc);

Materials distributions

Exhibits submission and online materials distributions;


Access to the minutes of the meeting, audio and video recordings;

Video Conferencing

Possibility to conduct hearings via Video Conferencing;



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