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Digital Learning Platform(LMS) offering Online Enrollment and Examination at National Institution of Justice


The institution was established in 2007 as a public institution with the purpose to promote the rule of law in Moldova. It performs initial and continuous training and testing for judges, prosecutors, court registrars, judicial assistants, heads of courts and other individuals operating in the justice system.


The admission process at the institution used a manual, paper-based system that was inefficient and time & resources consuming.

Supported by the UNDP, the initiative was to streamline, automate and simplify this process by implementing a comprehensive digital admission management system to handle all aspects from applications to processing and admission decisions.


With its vast expertise in the digital government industry, Indrivo was an obvious choice to design, build and implement the e-admission system by using latest technologies. The team developed a full management module, including participation, testing and admission. The system examined the roles of the users and their permissions and ensured Intranet access for staff, external parties and trainees, according to their roles.

The digital platform simplified the examination process, automatically evaluating a candidate’s answers and immediately displaying the result.

The solution also included integration into the Opigno LMS Platform, and the development of the new version of the official website, which was enhanced with an accessibility mechanism for visitors with disabilities, especially for those visually impaired.

Workflow Management
E-Learning Integration
Single-Sign-On Authentication
Secure algorithm for tests bunches definition

Results & Benefits

The e-admission system enabled our customer to digitally transform the process into a seamless and efficient flow that not only reduced the burden on its staff and applicants, but also elevated the institution’s image by allowing it to develop strategic visions and modernize its training programs.

  • The features and functionalities of the technology warranted a paperless and hassle-free digital admission process.
  • It ensured transparency and equal conditions for all candidates, with all questions being made public in advance on customer's website.
  • It eliminated human interference and suspicion of exam fraud.

The team opted for Drupal also because it is a proven, secure application framework that stands up to the most critical internet vulnerabilities in the world. As a result, it enhanced the security of the information system and improved the security of personal data.



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