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Digital Evaluation and Examination Platform with Drupal Opigno LMS


Our customer is a known Financial Institution from Romania providing professional qualification, training, professional specialization, certification programs, assessments, and evaluations to the people working in the non-banking financial field, nationally and internationally. The offer of professional training programs of the Institute encloses over 75 programs through which about 25,500 persons working in the field were trained.


Managing an educational institution is a complex and challenging job. Of course, the main goal of any educational institution is to improve the quality of education.

Until recently, our customer used traditional solutions to administrate their processes, manage trainings and lecturer's registers, examine and evaluate candidates. The traditional examination and certification solutions involved hours of preparation and coordination. Due to the paper-based nature of the examinations, the Institute was finding it a challenge to quickly organize, evaluate and announce the results of the examinations. Moreover, re-evaluation meant another round of logistical planning.

The Institute approached Indrivo with a request to develop a solution that would streamline processes, manage trainings, assessments and examination of candidates, manage the lecturer's register, manage the flow of online examination/training payments, and generate certificates of graduation. The commission also wanted to make the evaluation process transparent.


Providing a workflow management solution for this customer required careful planning, along with a deep understanding of their business processes and the technology landscape.

The project was realized in two logical phases:

Phase I - System Design and Development: A phase for system design, configuration, integration and validation; and establish governance and support structures.

Phase II - Implementation and Data Migration: This phase involved the implementation and migration of all active protocols in the workflow management system.

The platform Indrivo created for the Institute is an IT solution that modernized and digitized the entire evaluation system. The platform enables evaluators to carry out online evaluations and grow efficiency of the activities carried out within the institute. The system fully documents and controls the processing of documents, providing a guarantee that all files provided by a candidate are properly received and processed by the Institute.

The implementation of the project is done using Drupal Opigno Learning Management System with the following features:

  • Roles Management;
  • Training and Course Management;
  • Evaluation and Examination Management
  • Realtime Monitoring base on WebRTC
  • e-Commerce;
  • Reporting;
  • Integrations;
  • Security etc.

Results & Benefits

Indrivo provided a solution that helps the client to reduce the amount of paperwork and streamlines processes, manage their tasks and handle the flow of information. Our customer has significantly accelerated the flow of courses and evaluations, reduced the slowdown and achieved budget savings. Manual errors are 100% eliminated. The number of re-evaluation cases was also reduced. Since all manual touchpoints were eliminated, the evaluation system became secure. Candidates have access to evaluated answer sheets, making the process more transparent.


Drupal 8
Opigno LMS
PHP 7.1
Yml (psr4)

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