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Design and development of the Semantic Catalog, the only IT inventory of semantic assets in Moldova


The Government of Moldova, via the E-Governance Agency (EGA), is responsible for the development and implementation of the Government E-Transformation Agenda, which intends to ensure the country’s sustainable development through efficient use of ICT. EGA was established in August 2010 on behalf of the State Chancellery to manage E-Transformation activities at the governmental level.


One of the key areas of E-Governance Agency activity is the implementation of the Interoperability Governmental Platform MConnect, the key IT solution that aims to facilitate the automated data exchange between the authorities IT systems to increase efficiency and quality of delivery of public services. Since there was no inventory of semantic assets available on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, EGA needed to unify and universalize the principles of accessing semantic assets data.

The purpose of the Information System, called Semantic Catalog, is to automate the inventory processes of semantic assets and to ensure access to semantic assets using IT mechanisms and boost the continuous development and operation of the MConnect interoperability platform. The Semantic Catalog will become the key IT resource that will provide updated data on the semantic assets available on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.


Indrivo started this effort by designing a roadmap to guide the scale of the overall effort. Our team led the development of an advanced semantic data catalog prototype, using a knowledge graph to provide key contextual and descriptive information that helps map the relationships between the authorities IT systems data sources, including data collection, metadata repositories and publicly available information. Indrivo has developed an intuitive front-end user interface for the data catalogue that allows users to easily explore and access data.

Relying on our vast experience and following agile software development principles, we were able to rapidly develop the catalog using full-stack development methodologies.

Results & Benefits

As with all of our customers, we approached our relationship with E-Governance Agency as a true partnership. We have provided our customers with integrated services in the design, development, configuration and deployment of the Semantic Catalog Information System in accordance with the latest technologies, as Indrivo always does. The Semantic Catalog system is now fully in production, it helps to organize, relate, and standardize metadata used by authorities IT systems. The catalog also makes it easy to find and connect relevant data with business users to view key information at a glance. 

Public users can now explore the Semantic Catalog interface, search for semantic assets, view and download details of the semantic assets, access public reports and performance indicators etc.

  • search semantic assets;
  • list categories;
  • list semantic asset owners;
  • view semantic asset details;
  • submit a request to be connected to Mconnect;
  • download technical specifications for a semantic asset (CSV, XSD, JSON schema, WSDL, etc.);
  • reference semantic asset by using user-friendly URL;
  • view statistics about semantic assets.


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