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Indrivo Retrospective 2020: The effort was well worthwhile

Each year is memorable in its way. I can affirm with certainty that 2020 was challenging, difficult here and there, yet full of events and exciting. The Indrivo team has reached new heights in terms of dedication, goal-orientation and agility. The individual contribution of each team member got us where we are today, which is something I have the right to brag about as our efforts mattered this year and we made an impact.


The Year of People

This time, it wasn’t just about working hard or keeping up with deadlines. It wasn’t about being better than our competitors or solely growing profits. The 2020 year was different. In 2020, we started seeing companies through the perspective of living and breathing individuals that stand behind them. Yes, B2B communication has changed. We were more motivated to help our clients handle this time of crisis as smoothly as possible. It may sound naive, but I believe that valuing people finally got important. Clients, partners, employees - it’s was the year when all of us became a little better and more prepared for whatever the future holds. 

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The Year of Agility

So, if you are familiar with what Indrivo does, you probably know that Agile is embedded deep in our culture, it’s the approach to software development and project management that we swear by. To sum up 2020, I want to run a retrospective of what we managed to achieve and celebrate our common effort. And, as numbers speak louder than words, let’s bring some facts to the table.

Despite the pandemic that hit hard the global economy, in 2020, our 5 locations, Moldova, Romania, Luxembourg, Sweden, Canada have registered a 15% revenue increase. When I say that our team has dedicated time and effort to do their best, I mean it. That’s how we managed to launch successfully 54+ projects. Moreover, Indrivo established a partnership with WEBCON, a BPS cloud platform for business process automation.

Indrivo teams strive to deliver quality products and services to our clients. As Aristotle once said, “Quality is not an act, it is a habit”. This is why it was so important for us to get 3 major ISO certificates for the IT industry:

  • Quality Management System (QMS) certification
  • Information Security Management System (ISMS) certification
  • Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) certification
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The Year of Impact

At this point, you might be wondering what I am talking about when I mention the word “impact. We have projects that make us proud for two main reasons: our team provided relevant solutions to the clients’ objectives and these projects made a difference in their industries. Indrivo teams injected digital solutions into the following industries and here are just a few examples of implemented projects:

  • Digital Government. We worked on developing and designing an interactive website to engage citizens in the fight against corruption as a part of the project “Educate. Engage. Empower. Community Tools Against Corruption” implemented by the e-Governance Academy Foundation (Estonia) and Center for Policies and Reforms (Moldova) with the support of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As a part of another project, the Indrivo team developed a modern and performant IT system, serving as a national job board for local companies that allows both candidates and employers to find easily a suitable match. Also, our developers reengineered the SAISE ADMIN system and key subsystems of the Central Electoral Commission to ensure their responsiveness, integrity and operational status in the context of Moldovan Elections.
  • Digital Learning & Education. The team created a modular web portal with a built-in CMS for the “Tekwill in Every School” initiative that allows all Moldovan schools to get access to a free e-learning platform.
  • E-commerce. 15 new digital shops were created for small and medium businesses to sell and promote their products/services online.
  • Healthcare. We developed a pharmaceutical mobile Application for Android and iOS with a friendly UI/UX that allows keeping track of activities performed by the sales team and helps the sales department to maintain/update the database of doctors, chemists and other contacts. The application can be easily integrated within the company’s ERP or CRM.
  • Cryptocurrency. Our customer was looking for a reliable software development provider that would build a cryptocurrency web and mobile application. As a result, we designed, developed, and delivered the application that integrates all of the banking and cryptocurrency platforms required for the efficient execution of transactions.


The Year of Resistance

It makes me proud that this year we chose the path of resistance. Despite the crisis, instead of firing people, we managed to recruit 27 new professionals

We are better at doing business as our expertise and analytical thinking lead us in the right direction. We made mistakes along the way and learned a lot from them. We fostered a creative work environment that allows professionals to stretch their skills and do their best work. And, last but not least, the Indrivo family got bigger with 4 newborn babies, which is a sign of good luck, if you ask me.  

What will we commit to doing in the next sprint, alias year? One thing is certain: in 2021 we are committed to being one step ahead. I strongly believe that it is in our power.

Thank you for the journey we had together and stay tuned for what’s about to come. Happy holidays and let’s rock in the new year 2021!

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