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Quality Assurance at Indrivo: Better Safe Than Sorry

The fierce competition in the digital space determines the success of any company based on the quality of its products or services. The battle to stay on top is the main factor that keeps the development team motivated to deliver ambitious and flawless projects conforming to the highest industry standards. In this case, quality assurance is the most efficient way to find flaws in your product at the earliest development stages and fix them before the deployment.

We, at Indrivo, strive to achieve the highest quality standards for our products and services. Hence, we implement  best practices for quality assurance. Let’s see how our team manages to achieve success by improving the software development process...


How to Ensure the Software Quality

Indrivo development teams prefer their software testing to go together with the development, so the code is tested every time it is committed to the repository.

At the moment, our team handles 3 types of software testing:

  • Functional
  • Non-Functional
  • Maintenance

The process of QA testing at all our Agile projects has 6 stages:

  • Analyzing and documenting: definition of software requirements, planning of test scripts, creation of the test plan etc.;
  • Designing how relevant requirements will be tested: determining the scope of testing, setting deadlines, figuring out what tests can be automated etc.;
  • Making sure that the test plan and cases are aligned;
  • Testing, reporting bugs and verifying that the objectives are met;
  • Checking, re-testing, reviewing;
  • Deploying the application.


Code Quality Metrics

In some cases, engineers and managers might disagree about the team’s priorities or ways how certain features should be implemented. Therefore, our teams use common quality metrics that allow everyone to be on the same page.  

Software Quality Metrics

We measure the following aspects of the software quality:

  • Reliability (production incidents, reliability testing, reliability evaluation, average failure rate, mean time between failures) is related to aspects that show under what conditions the application might fail.
  • Performance (load testing, stress testing) refers to how efficiently users can navigate through the application and use its functions.
  • Security (number of vulnerabilities, time to resolution, security updates) is the indicator that allows seeing if the system is resistant to attackers and users can perform operations with sensitive data in a safe environment.
  • Maintainability is related to how easily the software can be updated according to the users’ needs.


Major Benefits of Quality Assurance

  • Helps the project stay on budget and schedule;
  • Catches problems in the quality process early;
  • Ensures management visibility into what is working well;
  • Reduces the end cost of the product by preventing wastage;
  • Measures the output of the quality management process;
  • Provides customers with an assurance of the quality product.

It is the primary interest of any business to reduce costs as much as possible while not sacrificing quality. Quality Assurance is the right method to do that. Bugs that are pointed out during the design stage are fixed much faster than errors occurring in the production.

The quality assurance process is a way to set a quality standard for all team members and monitor it during any stage of the project. With the help of the QA professionals and a reliable testing strategy, Indrivo engineers know exactly when they make mistakes and have a chance to fix them at the right moment. In the meantime, safety and performance tests prevent serious data leaks and secure the product.

To sum up, what we have already discussed, let’s take a final look at the most important aspects not to be missed:

When should we start testing?

As early as possible.

When is the right time to stop testing?

  • Completion of test case execution;
  • Bug rate falls below a certain level and no high-priority bugs are identified;
  • Management decision.


And, just think about it: what do users expect from a product? In the modern world, solving the user’s problem is not enough, it is also about the efficiency of problem-solving. Users need fast and easy solutions. Quality assurance strategies help the Indrivo team deliver hands-on solutions under the best conditions for our customers. 

Indrivo teams have extensive experience in a variety of fields – this is what makes our products and services special. Reach out to us to find out more about what we could do for you!

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