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Unique online platform for monitoring the performance of local representatives in providing community services


ADEPT, the Association for Participatory Democracy, is an independent center of analysis and consultation on the decision-making, political, electoral and socio-economic processes in the Republic of Moldova and in the wider region. ADEPT's mission is to promote democratic values and support citizen active participation in public affairs. It was registered in January 2000 and has been awarded a Certificate of Public Utility.


The main goal was to develop and launch a modern, mobile-friendly, multi-language, easy to use public sector platform to provide citizens and stakeholders with effective tools to monitor the performance of the local representatives on the delivery of community-based services. The website should provide transparency and accountability for 34 municipalities, district centers and municipalities in the provision of water, sewerage, sanitation, public transport, local roads infrastructure and streets lighting.

Other objectives given to us were the following:

  • Upgrade and maintain the website with simple navigation features, flexible search capability and clear folders for storing data;
  • Create passports for localities - a separate page for each of the 34 localities containing short information, conclusions, infographics, images and uploadable documents;
  • The ability to compare localities based on about 100 performance indicators;
  • Automatic table generation, illustrated mapping of comparative maps, charts creation - the possibility to select the displayed data for a certain period of time, in the range of 4 years;
  • Possibility to upload/download images, files, documents and PDFs.


During the strategy phase, Indrivo team organized discovery sessions with ADEPT representatives to ensure that all needs will be represented in the new experience. Choosing the right Content Management System is not an easy task. Therefore, we suggested to our client to use the latest version of Drupal, as it ensures the right balance between good governance and security. Above all, the uncompromising security that Drupal offers is essential for every organization.

We involved our client in weekly sprints and demos, regularly showing them the progress of the project, this way they were able to stay up-to-date and provide their input throughout the project.

Our team designed and developed an intuitive, user-centered experience for browsing, exploring and managing the rich data with interactive charts and graphs based on Amcharts and Highcharts, with interactive visualizations, responsive search capabilities, and curated featured content.

Results & Benefits

Achieving total satisfaction for both those who use the platform and those who maintain it has been the main success of the project.  The end result of this project is a web-based fully functional, mobile-optimized, robust platform which provides transparency and reflects the situation of public services of communal households, which will ultimately increase the quality and efficiency of services provided to citizens. Errors are now a thing of the past – data is always up to date and offers reliable information for the citizens and stakeholders.


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