Online presence to promote modern art, explore current events and exhibitions in Luxembourg


Located in the heart of Luxembourg and being the country's leading contemporary art center with an international profile, our client is a state-sponsored public art gallery dedicated exclusively to contemporary creation. It organizes and holds contemporary art exhibitions, master classes, conferences and various events usually encountered with contemporary music and young artists.


Our team had to develop a new platform, with a fresher and easier-to-use navigation design instead of the customer's old one, develop and optimize a ticketing tool that provides the possibility for managing tickets, books, publications or office supplies sales. For inventory and sales records, it was necessary to link the beneficiary's accounting tool to the new platform. We also aimed to create an events calendar, develop a data collection instrument and establish interconnection with the ProSys Sage BOB 50 accounting system.


Since the beginning of our engagement with our customer, Indrivo has designed, developed and continuously delivered cutting-edge enhancements in support of the customer's most high-profile information campaigns.

Drupal is the perfect CMS when it comes to websites rich in media and content, it is robust, secure and extremely scalable, especially for websites with heavy traffic. While the structure of the website should be maintained, with clear, easy and intuitive navigation, the redesign should provide a modern and clean look, with emphasis on the works of art, events and exhibitions.

We've also created an interactive event calendar that hosts a data selector, a location filter, a media gallery, and more.  The customer's website also required an e-commerce feature, Drupal Commerce was the right choice and it was no problem to integrate it with all the other aspects of the customer's website.

Results & Benefits

We have been successful in developing and delivering an effective solution to address all issues related to improving and managing the client's requirements by building a strong, powerful website that is at the same time simple to navigate, informative and offers unique experiences tailored to their visitors’ and customers’ needs.


Drupal 8

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