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A leading-edge pharmaceutical Sales Representatives mobile Application for Android and iOS


Founded in 2004, Setrio is a software development company in the health and logistic sector. During the years of activity, Setrio managed to develop and introduce, on the Romanian market, a series of new applications. Their technological solutions address the healthcare industry, pharmacies, physicians, warehouses and distributors. Through data management and interpretation systems, Setrio offers optimal infrastructure support, advisory services and business support.


Sales representatives play a central role in selling and promoting products by visiting hospitals, pharmacies and countless other secondary health-care facilities. Thus, the precise utilization of these resources is mandatory. Sale Representatives spend most of their work time out of the office, interacting with doctors, chemists and pharmacists attempting to bring new orders for their companies.

Hence, the requirements of our customer were to develop a unique mobility solution that on the one hand will help pharmaceutical companies manage their sales teams, evaluate their performance and track their activity, and on the other hand will allow the sales representatives to operate effectively, store the most complete data about customers and organizations, schedule and monitor the visits, record the results and history of interactions with customers despite their extensive work movement.


Indrivo developed a comprehensive mobile application with friendly UI/UX that enables not only keep track of activities performed by the sales team but also help them maintain and update the database of doctors, chemists and other contacts. The solution can be used as a stand-alone tool for managers and can be easily integrated with the company ERP or CRM. It also generates various reports about the sales team activity, productivity and time schedule. The application provides the functionality to plan visits, which empowers the sales team to easily view the calendar with assigned tasks along with information regarding the relevant contact(s).

High-level features and functionalities of the system are:

  • Planner
  • Tasks planning & monitoring
  • Activities & meetings tracking
  • Time management
  • Bonus system
  • Database Management System
  • Client & doctor own data file
  • Reporting & analytics


Optional Features:

  • Integration with the ERP or CRM system

Results & Benefits

The project was initiated to provide a solution in terms of developing a mobile application specifically designed for the pharma vertical, to track the activity of the sales team and empower the management to capture the movement of representatives, to monitor the team more effectively and efficiently. The immediate benefits of such a sales application are the elimination of paperwork and the updating of operations, transparency and accountability throughout the organization. Customer trust can be improved and steps can be taken to further boost the organization's operations. The app enables to have all the necessary information available on the phone or tablet. For example, representatives can now access any detail, eliminating the unpopular "I'm not sure, but let me send you an email when I return to the office," answer. The search for information is now faster, because the representatives have everything at their fingertips.



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