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A job portal where employers can post their vacancies and job seekers their resumes


The National Employment Agency (ANOFM) is the administrative authority subordinated to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection from Moldova. ANOFM’s mission is to increase employment opportunities for job seekers and support employers in identifying skilled labor. The agency is empowered to promote state policies, strategies and programs in the field of labor market development, social protection of job seekers, preventing unemployment and combating its social effects, implementing the labor migration policy and monitoring the activity of private employment agencies.


The easiest way for businesses and job seekers to look for opportunities and talent is through an online job portal. Job portals continue to be the most commonly used recruitment technology.

For this customer, Indrivo had the mission to set up a job platform where candidates look for jobs and employers post their jobs. The purpose of the development was primarily the unification of two employment portals belonging to our customer, in a unique platform, by connecting employers and job seekers on a single platform. Merging these two platforms was the key challenge to be faced by our team. The platform had to be focused on usability, maximum commitment and top customization.

The major wished features/objectives of the system were:

  • Development of a modern and performant IT system, serving as a national job board for local companies;
  • Development  of  a  modern  User  Interface, facilitating  the  job  posting  for  companies  and submission of candidate’s information;
  • Provision of an easy to use automation interface (file import, synchronization);
  • Provision of  statistical  data  for  companies  regarding  vacancies  in  different  sectors/regions  of  the country;
  • Provision of a catalogue-based list of vacancies for facilitating career fairs, both online and offline.


We started this project with one main goal in mind: to design a common platform that is effective for local jobs and serve both web and mobile users. The portal was developed to serve three primary users: portal administrators, job seekers, and companies. This meant an extremely complex back-end structure and an easy-to-use design. The portal was built using ASP .NET, due to its ease of use, scalability, flexibility and enhanced security, we have deployed many new and advanced features.

Results & Benefits

Our client's ideas have become a reality through the efforts of our technical experts, qualified developers and testers. The system is time-saving, cost-effective, safe and easy to use, it provides best-class of employment services to job seekers and recruiters. This portal allows both candidates and employers to easily search for a suitable match for each other. For employers looking to recruit the most qualified candidates, the platform developed using the latest technologies, offers modern and superior services to simplify the recruitment process. For individuals thinking about a new job, the system offers job search by browsing a huge list of jobs posted by potential employers. As a result, we ended up with a modern, easy-to-use platform where even the most novice tech users can find their way.

  • Fast response time by automating the job application process;
  • Better user experience with minimal navigation structure;
  • Simple and advanced search facilities;
  • Complete admin control and Content Management System;
  • Mobile-ready solution with a responsive layout;
  • Job alerts, SMS / email notifications.


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