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The first interactive map showing epidemiological indicators on tuberculosis in Moldova


The Center for Health Policies and Studies (PAS Center) is a Moldovan, independent, non-profit organization established in 1999. PAS Center builds a democratic society through improvement and development of health and social sectors, implements health programs, develops communication campaigns, creates studies, collects data and provides reports. The PAS Center regional activities include health system transformation in 11 countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.


We had the goal to design, develop and implement a web-based, mobile compatible interactive map to be used for displaying the epidemiological indicators on tuberculosis in the Republic of Moldova from 2011 to the present. The map should display historical data, assessment results and offer the possibility to select the data by using different filters.

Key challenges:

  • Design and develop an intuitive, user-centric experience for exploring epidemiological indicators with interactive maps and graphs;
  • Empower administrators to create narratives with data visualizations;
  • Provide an easy-to-use administrative experience for managing the data.


From the very beginning, Indrivo formed a customer-driven dedicated team of experts which understood the requirements, objectives, needs and challenges that the customer wanted to address. We chose an agile approach for the development process: from concept workshop, design, and UI to data preparation and technology choice.

Depending on what the user wants to analyze, various criteria can be used to filter the data: reporting periods can be restricted, the user can define various display features, generate reports and other means of using or visualizing the selected information on the map.

Results & Benefits

The fact that we built the project on Drupal meant that we could deliver the project in record time and provided a bespoke, which met the goal of a sustainable map solution. We designed a simple interface for browsing complex data, with interactive visualizations and responsive search capabilities. Platform administrators can upload data which results in illustrative charts, helping users contextualize the data.



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