New Case Management System for Determination of Disability and Work Capacity Agency



The Government of Moldova, via the National Council for Determination of Disability and Work Capacity (NCDDWC) has the mission to determine the disability and capacity of work, having as the main objective the social inclusion of persons with disabilities.  


On January 1, 2020, according to the National Social Insurance House, the estimated number of people with disabilities in Moldova accounted for 177.0 thousand people, including 10.7 thousand children aged 0-17 years. People with disabilities represent 6.7% of the total population of the country. 

The requirements of the National Council for Determination of Disability and Work Capacity were to implement a new information system to replace the current information system used by NCDDWC. This system is intended to support the activities in the field of determining the disability and work capacity of people with disabilities in Moldova. 

The Systems should provide support for the following processes:  

  • Preparation of documents by the applicant  
  • Submission of the application   
  • Application evaluation  
  • Appeal  


Indrivo was selected to lead the planning, design and development of the redesigned NCDDWC Case Management System. NCDDWC wanted to keep the platform as simple and user friendly as possible, which was challenging considering the different user roles and their respective access and editing rights. For this project, Indrivo created a clean structure and layout, as users accessing the portal have varying levels of expertise and knowledge. The platform is robust enough to deliver a wide range of information, but simple to navigate for the most novice users. The login area and other advanced functionalities were added as required by the NCDDWC. The platform is multilingual and optimized in order to meet the highest standards regarding security, compatibility, and accessibility. 

We integrated the system with the following Governmental services and third party systems:   

  • MPass – to authenticate users; 
  • MSign – to sign and verify electronic signatures; 
  • MLog – to journal business sensitive events; 
  • MNotify – to be used for notifications; 
  • MConnect – to exchange data with external information systems; 
  • MPower – to submit the application forms on behalf of the beneficiary. 

Results & Benefits

Implementation of the new Case Management System led to a reduction in time, effort and resources spent by users accessing NCDDWC services. The system allows users to schedule appointments, keep track of applicants through an electronic register. The system allows third parties to submit application forms on behalf of the beneficiary, based on a valid electronic authorization in MPower. Based on the application form and supporting documents, the system automatically calculates the degree of disability and determines the disability and work capacity. The system allows the applicant to see the status of the certificates/petitions/appeals, it supports printing, signing, scanning, uploading of the documents and reports in various formats (Excel, PDF, HTML). 


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