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A Cryptocurrency App with a fully-customizable interface and real-time data update


The customer is a company founded by a group of investors based in Ireland, Dublin. The company is providing a variety of integrated solutions, interactive systems and blockchain services for scalable organizations.


At the time of writing this case study, the cost of a Bitcoin was over $ 45,000. In order to benefit from it, it is necessary to catch the moment, to take into account the exchange rates and to be informed about the latest news in this field.

Our customer was looking for a reliable software development provider that would build a cryptocurrency web and mobile application for them. Their goal was to help millions of people safely manage their multi-crypto wallets and generate an additional source of regular side income. Having this goal in mind, they came to us in order to create a secure application that can track the rates of all popular cryptocurrencies, be it Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Litecoin and some other digital currencies. The users should have the possibility to buy, sell, trade, exchange and manage digital currency and fiat money manual or set up automatic transactions (with the help of bots) securely and efficiently by keeping an eye on the latest prices anytime, anywhere.


Our team designed, developed and delivered the application that integrates all of the banking and cryptocurrency platforms required for the efficient execution of transactions. .Net Core was chosen as the main language for the back-end development, for the web front-end, we used Javascript, while Xamarin served as the language for mobile development. The system was integrated with an admin tool for our customer and with a group of Cryptocurrencies Exchanges through the use of their APIs. Our QA engineers wrote several scripts to automate the testing process that allowed us to reach the best efficiency and correct bugs before the release. The key feature of this application was the creation of an automatic bot that aims to help users buy and sell cryptocurrencies at the right time, to generate as much profit as possible for the user.

Main functionalities:

  • Buy/Sell cryptocurrencies
  • Easy and fast registration
  • Personal trading dashboard
  • Referral program - earn money by recommending the app
  • Mobile app: Android and iOS

Results & Benefits

This project was quite interesting and we did our best to satisfy the requirements of our customer. Every decision we made was about simplicity and convenience, so any user can make a transaction just in few clicks. The project was delivered, tested, and deployed on time and within the planned budget. The app ensures a high level of security and instant transactions. Users can choose one of the currency or invest in different cryptocurrencies, having the possibility to control all financial processes in one place. This app brings financial services to the people, which make advancements to the future of money, and provide new capabilities that previously seemed impossible.

Based on the results of the project, the customer decided to continue working with Indrivo, and already began to develop another project with us.


.NET Core

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