Omnichannel  Integrated Solutions

Seamless integration of multiple system functions and business applications across offline and online channels to create an omnichannel reality.

As business models become more and more complex and technology dependent, it becomes imperative to homogenize the internal and external workings of your organisation. Simply put, omnichannel integration is all about communication: your systems and applications need to talk to one another in order to engage customers and employees and bring them together into a cohesive and unified communications platform. Integrating applications more deeply with business processes also creates a more responsive organization and optimizes performance across all technology assets.

Indrivo can help you integrate complex systems not only inside your company, but also with external systems of your partners, suppliers, and customers. Our team will identify possible interfaces in a disparate IT environment and determine the technological requirements to implement a fully integrated system that best fulfills your business needs.

Our integration services bring the old and new together

To start, our team will perform a thorough assessment of your software assets to see which applications need to be retired, replaced or simply be integrated with newer solutions to deliver their full value. We also check for web-compatibility and can take a desktop application and re-engineer it for the web, allowing integration with a wider range of business applications.

Or perhaps you need your new software to be integrated with a company’s existing applications. When an off-the-shelf software doesn’t mesh with your existing organization’s technology, we can bridge this gap with integration solutions, which may be a more cost-effective solution than building a custom application from scratch.

Designed to communicate with legacy and modern 3rd party systems and applications, omnichannel integration is an important part of the Indrivo development process. Our service offerings include Consulting, Back-office Integration, Web services development, API development and integration, App Integration, Data Integration and Integration Testing.

Enterprise Application integration

We deliver Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solutions to facilitate seamless communication between mission-critical business platforms and ensure data interchange in distributed environments and across your content management (CMS), customer relationship management (CRM), accounting, enterprise resource planning (ERP), corporate mail, business intelligence, reporting and analytics.

Point-to-point integration

We offer middleware development services to make particular business process applications, technical tasks and data access interoperate and couple isolated systems to the integrated environment using the same business logic interface.

Data integration

We design automated integration solutions to merge data into file formats and database management systems (DBMS) using best-of-breed ETL (extra-transform-load), consolidating business processes and knowledge bases while ensuring data integrity during the transfer.

API integration

We supplement solutions with third-party functionality and integrate custom-built, open-source APIs that interface disparate enterprise platforms and processes (payment gateways, e-commerce platforms, social networks, etc.).

In the long run, an intelligent integration strategy delivers a number of benefits to companies that want to save on costs and experience greater return from existing technology assets.

It is time to start getting more out of your applications and making software empower your business.

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