Paynet Payment Gateway
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Paynet Payment Gateway

Paynet Payment Gateway module for Drupal E-Commerce websites

Internet selling is still a promising sector that continues to attract customers from traditional brick and mortar shops, but you still need to integrate with a payment gateway so that you can start selling online and process online card transactions. A payment gateway is a system that connects the merchant and the bank to facilitate online transactions.


Adopting the right payment gateways for your E-Commerce shop will provide a lot of value to your business. Implementing a payment gateway seems complex, but it's a necessary step. Payment gateways will help increase purchase conversions while making transaction processing easier and more secure for both merchants and sellers.


Because Paynet free app for online payments, transfers, offers and discounts is used by a lot of people in Moldova, we have developed this module to give Drupal E-Commerce shop owners from Moldova a chance to use this excellent processing facility to improve their business and sales. This module created for merchants can be easily integrated with an existing Drupal shop and in minutes, shop owners can start accepting payments through Paynet e-wallet. This module allows seamless transactions via Paynet application in Moldovan Lei, Paynet also provides 24/7 customer support. Our plugin can be easily installed and used by anyone, from technical novices to technical masters. The most important is that Indrivo provides this module for FREE and it can be downloaded from the GitHub page.

Paynet Gateway

Paynet is a risk-free digital payment platform from Moldova that instantly allows sellers to accept online payments without additional hardware and buyers to pay from their mobile or any personal devices without using bank cards. Paynet obtained the National Bank’s license for the activity of issuing electronic money. In Moldova, Paynet is already an established leader for the e-wallet, which currently handles more than 50K of Paynet users.


For complete installation instructions and requirements, please check out the GitHub page here.


If you have any questions about setting up this Paynet Gateway for Drupal websites, please contact Indrivo for assistance, our experienced developers can fully manage the process for you, providing expert support and a seamless integration process.

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