Elena Gorman

Our new name is Indrivo!

Soft Tehnica SRL (Chisinau) changes its name to Indrivo and gets a brand new look and organizational identity


Chisinau, Moldova, April 22, 2019 Indrivo will be the new name of Soft Tehnica SRL (Chisinau branch), upon its separation from Soft Tehnica Romania, which is targeted for completion by end of year 2019.  

Even though we are renaming and separating, we intend to continue Soft Tehnica’s legacy as a trustworthy technology brand. We are changing our name and adopting a new look, but you can still rely on us to simplify the process of digital transformation and implement new technology solutions in your organization. 


Reason for change?

We have decided to begin a new chapter in the journey of our company and are pivoting away from Soft Tehnica company in Romania in order to have the operational flexibility to focus more on developing customized software solutions. 

With more focused resources, more experience across the leadership and technical teams and the support of our dedicated people, we are positioned to diversify our services across more industries and provide increased value for our customers. 

We are relentlessly working on improving our processes and adding more tools designed to drive continuous growth and provide a higher level of service for our customers. We are dedicated to shape our new future as a customer-centric and operationally excellent company.  

As our separation and rebranding activities are underway, Indrivo will continue to legally operate under its current name of Soft Tehnica SRL (Chisinau) until final separation is complete, but will run communication campaigns and publish promotional materials under the new brand name, Indrivo. The change has no effect on contractual terms, the quality of our services and the delivery terms.


Forward-looking statement:

This announcement contains our forward-looking statement, which includes our plan to rename the Soft Tehnica SRL (Chisinau) to Indrivo after its separation from Soft Tehnica Romania, and the expectations for the new company. This statement does not include guarantees and is subject to known and unknown risks and uncertainties that are difficult to predict and could cause actual results to differ substantially from those indicated in this statement. This statement does not include any plans or intentions for Soft Tehnica Romania after the separation.